Writing notebook topics

One of the jobs my 1st graders do during reading time is to write in their writing notebooks.

We have a word of the day- a word that has our phonics pattern. I write it on our calendar each day.

They use that word in their writing. They are supposed to write 4 sentences.

2 of my sweet babies wrote about my favorite topic today- God.



Made my heart happy!!! 🙂

Praise Fitness, Running, Reading

A good friend started a Praise Fitness class at our church on Mondays and Thursdays. Tonight was our 1st one, and we ROCKED it. 🙂 Danced to Toby Mac, Mandisa, Hillsong!!


I was feeling frisky (did I just really use that word??) before the class so I ran/walked a mile.

Ummm- I’m feeling it already. 🙂


Earlier today I worked on some school stuff and read. I finished SNAPPED by Laura Griffin. 5 of 5 stars.

And look y’all- she tweeted me back!!!


It was a great day out of school!!!