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Words, Words, Words-how beautiful they are. This page will be devoted to poems that I write.

Here are some of my haiku creations. These are SO MUCH fun! 🙂

3 lines: 5 syllables, 7 syllables, 5 syllables

Eating Mexican

Stomach is empty     chips and chicken, cheese and rice     pure satisfaction

My Best Friend

Treasures of the heart     food, laughter, stories are shared     friendship is complete


My hair falling out     Do not know which way to go     What is my name now

A Flower

A flower blooming     Opening up slowly now     Please wake up flower


Pages turning now     Let me in your mystery world     Escaping at last


Candle burning bright     Flickers in the dark warm night     Poof-it disappears


The whispering of pages, new friendships beckoning to me, calling me closer-shall I jump in?

Why, of course. It’s a chance to explore a new world, softly floating,

mesmerized by the stories that are told, the laughter that is shared,

the tears that are shed, and sometimes the anger that is felt.

Layers upon layers of words, and phrases, and sentences

That all come together to create a story.

The whispering of pages…..

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