Writing Prompts

I’ve never had my 6th graders respond to a writing prompt. GASP!

I mean, yes, they have answered questions about a text, etc., but never just an open ended writing prompt.

I’m taking an online class about teaching middle school writing, and writing prompts were our lesson for last week. We had to read an article about them and then create one.

Here’s mine:

Emotions and feelings are a daily part of our lives. They Β include happiness, sadness, anger, embarrassment, and many others. We may feel one or many throughout our lives. Some emotions stay with us for a short period of time, while others have a bigger impact on us and tend to stay with us longer.

Think of an emotion that you have felt in your life. Did it stay with you for a short or long period of time? What caused it?Β 

Write about this emotion in a way that your reader will truly understand how you felt and why you felt this way. Your writing should be ABOUT a page long.

This is the first writing prompt I’ve ever written. What do you think? Do you use writing prompts?

I’m going to have my kids respond to it this Friday as their English assessment. We will see how it goes.

I’m telling you that writing is HARD to teach!

Well, so is math. And reading. Hmm… πŸ™‚

Real World Writing Part 2

Someone asked if I would share what is on the cards from the previous post so I thought I would just write another post to explain it a little more . πŸ™‚

Today they worked in groups to match the cards that have the types of writing on them to the actual samples of writing.



I would share the cards that have the writing types on them IF I COULD FIND IT ON MY LAPTOP!!!!!!!! I think I left the document open, and then my kids used my laptop and closed it out without saving. πŸ™‚

So, I will list some of the writing types off the top of my head (which is 42 years old so don’t expect much!)

Personal narrative/email/blog post/advertisement/informative speech/business letter/friendly letter/postcard/fictional narrative/feature article/how to directions/recipe/persuasive and argumentative letter/letter to the editor/AND I CAN’T REMEMBER ANY OTHERS, but there were 21 types. πŸ™‚

2 groups matched all of them correctly, 1 group missed about 4-5, and 1 group matched about 10 of them incorrectly. πŸ™‚ I will say in their defense, I did NOT give them time to READ all of the samples completely. They had about 10 minutes? Or a little more?

They were very engaged! Now let’s hope they are that engaged when they learn how to WRITE like these samples. :).

I’m really going slow with our writing this year. Baby steps.

How do you introduce your students to the type of writing you want them to be able to write???