Math Routine Notes

I’m at a conference right now and couldn’t go to sleep last night because my mind was spinning with ideas on how I can change our math routine to fit the needs of my 6th graders.

This is the deal. They are all below grade level. It’s my job to fix that. Or work towards fixing it. They have so many gaps in their math skills. The four basic operations haven’t been mastered for many of them.

So we are plugging along learning 6th grade math concepts and still have so many deficiencies.

Time for a change. A big one.

Which leads me to small group/individual instruction. It’s going to have to happen! Otherwise we are just spinning our wheels.

I’m too tired to write much more, but let me say that moby is about to become my new best friend!

My plan is to block off 90 minutes for math and have 3 groups that rotate to 3 stations.

Me, moby, and group practice sheet.

Sounds easy right? Hahahahaha!

THIS is what was inside of my head last night and IT IS NOT THE FIRST DRAFT! 🙂

Yes, I realize I don’t have to have it ALL in place to start, but there’s still A LOT I need to do!! OMG! 🙂

Now hiring. 🙂

Will I be able to pull it off for this Monday?


What do you think??