3rd Generation and Beyond by Danna Pycher Book Review

3rd Generation and Beyond3rd Generation and Beyond by Danna Pycher

Goodreads Summary:

“Yesterday’s lessons, for tomorrow’s future…” 3rd Generation and Beyond is a book of powerful life philosophies according to a Third Generation Holocaust descendant. Each chapter gives a little more insight into how we, as individuals, can empower ourselves and the world around us. Back of book: By this time, you would think we would have learned our lesson. By now, you would think humankind would have found a way to live together peacefully. For some reason that is not the case. 3rd Generation takes us on a journey through the perspective of a young woman who wants to know why we can’t seem to find common ground. Her insightful life philosophies are all inspired by her view of the world as a Third Generation descendant of the Holocaust. Her grandparents experienced the worst of times, yet still held onto the belief that life can and should be beautiful. Their life lessons will help you discover how we can all create a better world. … a treasure of inspiring, thoughtful life lessons interwoven with what Danna learned from her grandparents who were Holocaust survivors.

My Thoughts:

This one was a different take on the holocaust. Written by a young woman whose grandfather survived the holocaust she sends words of wisdom out in each chapter. Her goal is for people to be kind and to spread their kindness around. I enjoyed the different perspective that this book took concerning the holocaust. I do wish there would have been more stories from her grandparents concerning what they had been through in the book. However, I know that her intent in writing this book was not to “teach” the holocaust, but to encourage people to live in kindness. It was more of a motivational book, and it served its purpose well.

5 of 5 stars

There are many wonderful quotes in this book, both by famous people (quotes you might be familiar with already) and quotes by the author herself. Here are some by Danny, the author that spoke to me:

“Kindness is infectious. Spread the disease.”

“Appreciate the sweet and sour flavors of your life.”

“Create your opportunities. Create your reality.”

“We are given the opportunity to paint a canvas of our lives with an endless palette of choices.”

Quotes in the book by famous people:

“It is the first responsibility of every citizen to question authority.” -Ben Franklin

(Did the people of Germany question Hitler or his ideas enough?)

“I agree with Dante, that the hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in a period of moral crisis, maintain their neutrality.”-Martin Luther King Jr.

The very last statement of this book was comprised of 5 small words that hold a lot of power.

“You must not be silent.”

This statement by the author is directly linked to the atrocities of the Holocaust AND to the atrocities that are still being committed today. It is up to US to NOT remain silent, but to resist and stand up for what we believe in. To help other people. To light the world with our kindness. These are the wishes of Danna, the author.

What is your wish?


Four Perfect Pebbles Book Review


Four Perfect Pebbles: A Holocaust StoryFour Perfect Pebbles by Lila Perl, Marion Blumenthal Lazan

Goodreads Summary:

“If she could find four perfect pebbles of almost exactly the same size and shape, it meant that her family would remain whole. Mama and papa and she and Albert would survive Bergen-Belsen. The four of them might even survive the Nazis’ attempt to destroy every last Jew in Europe.”

My Thoughts:

This story is about Marion and her family’s journey from Germany to Holland and back. One of the things that struck me in this book was that she was actually thinking about which one was worse: hunger or the cold. She decided the cold was worse because her stomach shrank after being hungry for so long. Can you imagine trying to decide which of these things were worse?

Once she thought she saw a truck load of firewood at her camp-it was just a truck with dead bodies on it.

At her time of liberation in 1945 Marion was 10 1/2 years old and weighed only 35 pounds. Her mom weighed 75 pounds. Some people even died after being liberated for overeating since their bodies weren’t used to it. 3 years later at the age of 13 1/2 Marion weighed 135 pounds. She had gained 100 pounds in 3 years because of her love for fatty food.

This was another story that will exhaust your emotions.

5 of 5 stars

Here’s the official website for this book Four Perfect Pebbles.