Spiral Review Homework

One of my projects for this Christmas break is to create a spiral review homework sheet. Here’s the beginning of it.  
It will be for the entire week, Monday- Thursday with about 5 problems each day. 4 will be review skills, and the last one will be the current skill. 

I will also provide them an answer key so they can self check their work. This will eliminate the need to go over the answers each day in class.

They will have to show all of their work for each problem. And they will have to self assess themselves on each skill so they will know what skills they still need to work on. 

Does anyone else do a spiral review type homework?

Reading Homework

I just created a Homework page that explains my homework for reading for 6th grade. Our reading homework stays the same throughout the entire year. I ONLY assign reading homework; there is no other homework in any subject. Hopefully, this will help the parents who have a question about homework in my class. Just click on the Homework page at the top of my blog. 🙂