January 2014 Currently and Blog Roundup


I’m linking up with Simply Kinder for a teaching blog round up.

I’ve linked up with Farley over at Oh Boy 3rd Grade for this month’s currently feature.

AND here is my Currently for January 2014!!!!!!!



Listening: I have been ROCKING IT on twitter and facebook the last couple of days so now I’m listening to the messages coming through on my phone!

Loving: My running goal this year is to run #500in2014, and I knocked some out with my 1st 5k of the year today.

Thinking: I’ve finally decided that I want my #oneword to be BELIEVE, and now I’m thinking about the blog post I’ll be writing later this week to explain it.

Wanting: I REALLY would love to have a couple more weeks of vacation!!!!!!!!!!! Who’s with me on this??

Needing: I need to write my lesson plans for next week and NOT wait until Sunday…..

My big memory from 2013 was running a 1/2 marathon back in February. Will I ever do one again? Probably not. Was it easy? It almost killed me. 🙂 Am I glad I did it? You betcha!

What are your CURRENTLY doing????