Math Rocks!!

Hello everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a busy year! 2 grand babies ( 3 months old and 10 months old now), my mom moved next to us, my daughter moved back home with us, and I changed school systems after 11 years in the same one.

Whew!! Great times. 🙂

I am now teaching 6th grade math. YES- math! And I LOVE it!!!

1 prep- 3 classes each day. Life is good!

And I have a lot to say about math and a lot of changes I’m already wanting to make.

Don’t want to keep you too long with this post, and I promise I’ll post some pics of what we’ve been doing in math, but anyone out there dabbling in a standards based classroom or self paced learning????

My wheels are turning………….

Guided Math Small Group Beginning

I’m diving in tomorrow. Well, a little bit anyway. 🙂

It will be my 1st official day of math small group instruction. I’m going to keep it simple tomorrow so that we can all get used to this type of environment. So no new skill tomorrow. Just a review of ratios/rates.

But I will be showing them how to problem solve by showing some LOVE. I got this idea from a teacher who blogged about how she taught her students to problem solve this way.

You can read her post here:

Our 3 rotations are going to be:


2. Small group with me

3. Practice sheet on current skill-they will work as a group to complete this. IF they finish, they can play a game.

For my small group instruction I am going to keep it somewhat simple.

First, we are going to work up with some multiplication facts. I just printed an entire set from this website below. Thank you to the angel that created these!! 🙂

Multiplication Flash Cards

After that little warm up, we are going to self correct the math test from last week and discuss. Then, if we have time, we are going to problem solve 1 problem from the math test using our new LOVE strategy. At the end of small group time, they are going to put their name card in the appropriate place on the MATH bulletin board.

I NEED MORE PRACTICE               I’VE GOT IT                   I COULD TEACH SOMEONE

This is IF I have time to redo a bulletin board. 🙂

I’ll be reporting back during the week to let you know how it goes! 🙂



Math Comprehension

I’ve started reading an awesome book- Building Mathematical Comprehension by Laney Sammons.

I can’t wait to get further into it- it’s all about using literacy strategies during math.


I was doing this as my husband was working on the gates for the cow lots.

This is one of the things I love most about him! Hard working!


I had a nice relaxing day reading and watching him. I DID carry 2 boards when he asked me. 🙂

This was after 3 days taking care of my 19 year old daughter after she had all 4 wisdom teeth taken out. 🙂


She was pretty miserable in that picture. 🙂

Of course when she felt better, I had the pleasure of babysitting Sophee- her precious little dog!


Now it’s time for bed! Or reading. Wink-wink. 🙂

Math, math, math

I have officially decided to start using the math textbook on Monday and ditch the teacher made curriculum I had been using since school started. Here are the reasons why:

Common core, analyzing, common core, reasoning, common core, applying, solving, common core, etc….

Need I say more?

However, I’m feeling overwhelmed, agitated, and frustrated. Look at what 1 page of our 800 page textbook looks like. Eeeeek!


Does anyone else out there use Glencoe McGraw Hill Math Connects??

Please help a girl out if you do! Would love to collaborate!! 🙂

OREO Project

Today we reviewed finding mean, median, and mode through our OREO Project!

I got beat by one of my students!! I stacked 21, and she stacked 23! 🙂

It was LOTS of fun, and we are the untouched leftover Oreos! 🙂

Nothing like good and building to to get the kids engaged!

As students were stacking, here are some great words I heard as we all watched and made comments:


A very fun day!


Math, Anyone???

I went to a math sharing session after school today. You know-in case I actually teach math next year. 🙂 Currently, I only teach history/english. Being at a small school has its advantages and disadvantages. One minor disadvantage is that you frequently have to change what you are teaching including grade levels. Next year will be one of those changes.

I’m hoping I land in 6th grade. HOPING. PRAYING. 🙂

If I do then Mr. Brady and I have talked about going self-contained so we can collaborate with each other-especially with reading and math. So, I’m planning ahead. Which is why I went to this math session!

Other schools in our district are spending about 1 1/2 hours each day with math. WOW! The lower grade levels have implemented small group math whereas the upper elementary grade levels do remediation in math and are leaning toward small groups in the future.

With the small groups the key is doing a formative assessment (a quick one) each day after the whole group lesson. This is how they determine who will be in what small group. So the groups are FLEXIBLE!

Before I left I asked one of the 4th grade teachers what she would recommend for me next year if I teach 6th grade. What is one thing I should use?

She said definitely ROCKET MATH. Have you ever heard of it? You can read about it here at Rocket Math.

It’s a method of math facts practice that partners can complete with each other with the teacher as the facilitator.

It’s a daily thing.

I’ll be checking this out if I end up in the number world next year. I’ve NEVER taught math except in Kindergarten!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Biting nails. 🙂

Do you have any suggestions for me?