French and Indian War Comic Strips





Now this was FUN! I’m hoping it made a lasting impression and led to a greater understanding of the French and Indian war. Which by the way-in my opinion wasn’t named correctly since it was a war between the French and British with the Indians being allies of the French. How confusing is that???? They should have kept 5th graders in mind when naming this one. 🙂

We had already read and discussed the French and Indian War and taken notes on it before we did this activity. And STILL-I think I might should have required the same information for everyone in the 4 frames. If you could see each one you would notice that a couple of kids got a little confused about the Proclamation of 1763 and the Treaty of Paris. I mean who wouldn’t? So note to self for next year-TEACH FRENCH AND INDIAN WAR, MAKE COMIC STRIPS, THEN LEARN ABOUT PONTIAC’S REBELLION. 🙂 PROBLEM SOLVED!

I originally put this in my lesson plans for 2 days-2 class periods that is. Next year it will be going down in the books for 3 days. Unless I have them finish it for homework, and I’m not too keen on homework. 🙂

All in all, this was FUN, engaging, and student centered. I have detected another problem though. When the kids are actively working on something where they don’t need too much of my help I GET BORED! I’m thinking of buying a pedometer to see how many miles I walk each day at school in my classroom. 🙂 Maybe I should start making what they make when it’s a project like this!!!!

This is definitely a lesson/activity that I will repeat in the years to come!






Since I don’t really have an original bone in my body here are a couple of links where I got this idea. 🙂

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Do you have a lesson/activity that is so good that you will do forever????