The countdown to summer

Check out our countdown chains.

Is that sad or what? One day of school left. Awwwww…..summertime, summertime, summertime, summertime!

We held our 6th 6 weeks grades incentive party today. Playground. Popsicles. Need I say more?

Cool and delicious popsicles. I had 1. I mean 2. Ok, I really had 3!


Sidewalk chalk. I really really wanted to play with that, but I refrained. 🙂

This is the group of teachers who have had the privilege to teach this young man (doesn’t he look excited??). His mother always has us over at the end of each year as a teacher appreciation dinner. I was his kindergarten teacher at one time and each year more teachers are invited-whoever has taught him. Such a fun time! 🙂 I’m the one with the tan from running-definitely a runner’s tan right now!

As we have all been cleaning out our classrooms, my teaching partner, Mr. Brady, found a koala bear that some of his students had given him. His name is Smuggy. Kendrell took it upon himself to carry him around most of the day. 🙂 I’m really gonna miss Kendrell next year with his delightful personality!

This was our grafitti wall from this year-the kids wrote quotes on it throughout the year, mainly from the books they had read. They also wrote book recommendations on it. They LOVED it! I think I will do something similar to this next year with history-either history facts or quotes from famous people. What do you think?

When we got to school this morning, we found writing everywhere from one of our biggest school rivals, a school in our district. Spraypainted sayings on the grass. Chalk sayings on the side of the school, sidewalks, you name it. Fun fun! 🙂 It’s on now!

How many days of school do you have if you teach?

What is your favorite flavor of popsicle?


Read and Write 180-Day 12

TEST DAY! We have our English test on Thursdays, but on Fridays we take our word study and reading tests. The word study was quick today-on 10 words and I assessed them on the meanings not the spelling. I told them that sometimes it would be spelling, sometimes meanings, sometimes both. They just have to study both each week. 🙂 The reading test was not so quick! The test that came with the reading passage that I had picked for this week was just 5 multiple choice questions, but I made up my own test as well. I wanted to encourage their higher level thinking a bit-and I especially wanted to see how many can answer an open ended question. After I grade the tests this weekend (and next week), I’ll continue to help the ones who didn’t quite get how to answer the open ended one.

Before we took the reading test I had them read each section of the passage to themselves and pick out words that stood out to them-the ones that they thought were significant. As they called them out to me I put them in, and we created a big word cloud. Hopefully, it was a good review for them before the test! We’ll see! 🙂 I’m loving wordle!!!

We played homeworkopoly (the ones who had their homework this week). I only had to give away some candy and a homework pass! 🙂

I showed them how to write book recommendations and quotes on our “graffiti wall” in our room. These are the books that got recommended by some students today:

On My Honor

Stone Fox

A goosebumps book

Night of the Twisters

I think one more, but I can’t remember it! I’ll take a picture of our graffiti wall next week and post it so you can see it. I hope it gets so full this year!!! And I hope it helps some of my reluctant readers find books they like!

Several students gave booktalks after we discussed the graffiti wall-hope this takes off, too. I already had several waving their hands wanting to give recommendations-I love the informal way we do this-it takes the pressure off the kids (no formal reports, nervousness), and hopefully kids will hear about good books that they want to read!

One of my classes got to listen to another chapter of our read aloud-there is some good thinking going on during this time!! I mean-GREAT THINKING!

See ya Monday!