War Eagle, The Fox, and TPT

I’m finally home from a conference-been there since Wednesday night. It feels good to be home!!

Let me go ahead and say, “War Eagle!”

2013 SEC Champions!! And what a game!


I normally don’t update my Facebook status with football news. It’s too dangerous. 🙂

But I had to do this one! 🙂


After the hubby went to bed, I got busy on Teachers Pay Teachers. And yes, I paid several teachers!


I bought a couple of math things, but what I really went crazy with was for reading time.

I should have been doing some intervention all along. Because this is what we’re facing. One of my 6th graders couldn’t read the word “rough” the other day. And he has actually placed at a higher reading level than 2 other students.

So while I will be keeping the reading workshop routine, because I’m in love with it, I’m going to start pulling groups with a plan in mind.

I’ve already divided my 16 students into 3 groups. Will I be able to meet with all 3 groups every day? No. But hopefully I can meet with 2 groups per day. I’m going to squeeze some time away from writing (I know-I know!) and history/science.

Before you panic about the writing, just know that I will only be stealing 5-10 minutes. 🙂

Also, I’m going to keep my reading mini-lesson that is while class MINI! If it takes us 2-3 weeks to closely read and analyze a short text, then so be it! I’ve GOT to address these reading deficiencies in my students. Otherwise, the close reads are worthless. Right?

So I’m thinking that with my lowest group I will meet with them everyday.

Sight words, decoding multisyllable words, oral reading fluency, and comprehension. A. Little. Bit. Each. Day.

I really don’t know how long all of that is going to take. It sounds like it would take 30 minutes!!

I still don’t have it all planned out in my head. I’m worried. I’m scared. Not about doing it. But staying on a time schedule. And not knowing what to give up if it’s taking too long!

Most teachers worry about what the other kids will be doing. Not me because I have them reading. Easy Peasy.

Lately I’ve been thinking I need 90 minutes for math and 90 minutes for reading. Did I already write about that in another blog post?!??? 🙂

So here’s to tomorrow and getting some actual planning and organizing done!

Book Character Day

We dressed up as a book character today. 15/17 of my 6th graders participated which I thought was pretty good!

I was Slim from Hank the Cowdog, and my husband brought one of our cowdog a to school as Hank! 🙂

Forgot to get a picture of him, but here we are.


I would say we had a great day, but I wouldn’t know. I already had to leave at 11 to get to Perdido Beach for a meeting at 6. But 1st thing this morning I found out I was supposed to be at a common core meeting at our central office from 9-11.

Let’s just say that today was VERY stressful. And after a 275 mile drive down here, a 2 hour meeting, and supper- I’m done!

Happy Halloween!

Running, reading, and teaching

Short post tonight.

Running: Trying to do a “Running with zombies” October running challenge. Run everyday for 31 days even if it’s just 1/2 mile. So far 2/2!! Yippee!

Reading: Trying to expand my “genres” since I’m asking the same of my 6th graders. Fantasy is one of my least favorite genres so…. Started James and the Giant Peach last night. Like it so far! Yay!

Teaching: Trying to keep my head above water as I implement so many NEW things this year. Introduced my kids to “close” reading today with a short passage. Had a reluctant reader LOVE it. The discussing, analyzing, predicting, questioning, annotating. Hooray!

Those are the positive things since I know you don’t want to hear about the negative things. Heck, I don’t want to write about the negative because then I’ll start feeling negative! 🙂



Peanut, my awesome dog, says good night!

Book Blogging Extraordinaire

I just went through all of my “read” books on my goodreads account and made a “not yet reviewed” shelf for them. OH MY WORD. I only went back about 2 years. I ended up adding 332 books to this shelf.

So now my goal is to review them here on my blog. I have been reviewing books on my blog for quite awhile, but OBVIOUSLY not ALL of the ones I’m reading. Good grief- I never thought there were THAT many that I had not reviewed!! 🙂

I had recently applied to be a CYBILS judge and was not accepted. When I really started thinking about why I might not have been accepted I came to this conclusion:

1. YES, I read ALL the time.

2. YES, I review these books on goodreads.

3. NO, I don’t review them on my blog like I thought I did. LOL!

I want to catch up. How in the world am I going to do this? I still want to blog about teaching, etc. I think there’s an unwritten rule out there to NOT publish more than 1 blog post each day. Uh-oh. 🙂

So what’s a girl to do? Hmmm……

I don’t want it to take me 14 years to get caught up on my book blogging. I mean it’s not like I’m NOT going to be reading anything currently and needing to blog about these books as well.

Any suggestions? Do I dare to break the blogging etiquette rule? Do I get caught up when I turn 81 years old? 🙂


Oh, and here’s my “not reviewed yet” goodreads bookshelf:


And, yes, I’m going to break the bloggy rule for tonight anyway.

But please weigh in with your opinion!


Has someone caught the reading bug?

I’ve had the reading bug for years. I think it’s getting worse. You will HARDLY EVER find me without a book to read. In the car. At the farm. Everywhere. My husband laughs at me. (Mostly) 🙂

I hope I never get cured. I like this sickness.

I also hope that my students (or a lot of them) will catch the reading bug from me. To be forever infected.

Take a look at this picture. Judge for yourself.

Does anyone look like they may have caught it????!!!??


🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂