July Miles & #500in2014

I was a running slacker.

But not this past month!!!

78.3 miles for July!!!!

My total so far this year is 199.2.

I’m still way behind my goal of 500 miles, but I’m way ahead of where I was! 🙂


Here are 2 things I did to change my running:

1. Made it a priority again. (Duh)
2. I walk the 1st half mile EVERYTIME!

Walking the 1st .5 makes it easier to keep going since it gets me warmed up. It has proven to be magical for my running further!!

I sure hope I can keep it up in August! Especially since I start back to school on Monday!

How is your running going?

Running #500in2014

Well, it’s the halfway mark for 2014. Time to reassess my running goals for the year.

My goal was to run/walk 500 miles this year. I’m at 120. Gah!!!! Um, I think I’m a little behind.

BUT- last year I only ran 150 miles for the WHOLE YEAR! So I’m still ahead of that!

If I’ve calculated correctly, then in order to meet my goal I will need to run/walk about 63-64 miles each month for the next 6 months. Which equals about 16-17 miles each week.

Can I do this? You bet your bottom dollar I can.

Do I want to do this? Absolutely.

Will I do this? That is the question.

I need some motivation so please feel free to sprinkle some inspirational comments around!


500 in 2014

2 years ago I made a resolution/vow/goal to TRY and run a 5k. My husband laughed. Said I could never do it. I showed him.

I used the FABULOUS Couch25k program and ended up running 440 miles that year. (2012).

I went from 163 pounds to 126. In 4 months.

THEN I stayed at around 128-132 lbs for a looooong time.

Enter 2013. Yes, I DID run a half-marathon at Disney World. My husband was very proud of me. I was proud of me.

But then I let life AND laziness get in my way. I slacked off of my running.

In 2013 (even with my half marathon) I’ve only run 145 miles. FOR. THE. YEAR.


So, with that being said, 2014 is just around the corner.

And I’m gonna get my run back on. I pledge to run 500 miles in 2014. Yep. Gonna do it. 🙂

A great group of tweeps on twitter have started the #500in2014 challenge on nike +.

I’m in.

And guess what? My husband didn’t laugh this time. Because he knows I can do it. But he DID say I couldn’t do it. Even though he knows I can do it. I think he’s trying for a little reverse psychology. Best motivation ever. It was the last time. 🙂

I’m taking this 144 lb slacking runner girl and turning her into a skinnier (haha-you thought I was going to say 126 lb girl) running girl.

Just call me the Road Runner. 🙂


Running Streak Challenge

Runner’s World has challenged all who are interested to a running streak challenge. You must run at least 1 mile each day. Then you tweet about it using the hashtag-#RWRunStreak. The challenge runs (HA) from Memorial Day to the 4th of July. I’m making up my own rules now. If you didn’t start on Memorial Day it doesn’t matter-I mean you didn’t even know about it! Start now and see if you can complete the “Running Streak”!!

Yesterday I ran 1 mile. WOW! 11:27. It was a VERY easy mile-I guess because I knew that I was “only” going to run a mile. 🙂

Here’s some motivation for you!

I had painted 2 1/2 walls of my classroom so I was feeling pretty lazy by 7pm. 🙂 (Yes, I’m a teacher freak who spends the 1st day of summer vacation painting a classroom for next year!) But guess what? My best friend-the other teacher freak-was helping me so at lease when I get committed to the crazy house I will have a roommate! 🙂

Are you up for the running streak????