Real World Writing Part 2

Someone asked if I would share what is on the cards from the previous post so I thought I would just write another post to explain it a little more . 🙂

Today they worked in groups to match the cards that have the types of writing on them to the actual samples of writing.



I would share the cards that have the writing types on them IF I COULD FIND IT ON MY LAPTOP!!!!!!!! I think I left the document open, and then my kids used my laptop and closed it out without saving. 🙂

So, I will list some of the writing types off the top of my head (which is 42 years old so don’t expect much!)

Personal narrative/email/blog post/advertisement/informative speech/business letter/friendly letter/postcard/fictional narrative/feature article/how to directions/recipe/persuasive and argumentative letter/letter to the editor/AND I CAN’T REMEMBER ANY OTHERS, but there were 21 types. 🙂

2 groups matched all of them correctly, 1 group missed about 4-5, and 1 group matched about 10 of them incorrectly. 🙂 I will say in their defense, I did NOT give them time to READ all of the samples completely. They had about 10 minutes? Or a little more?

They were very engaged! Now let’s hope they are that engaged when they learn how to WRITE like these samples. :).

I’m really going slow with our writing this year. Baby steps.

How do you introduce your students to the type of writing you want them to be able to write???


Real World Writing

We are getting ready to read different writing examples- lots of real world writing.

So today I had students work in groups to discuss and then categorize just the names of different types of writing.

They were VERY engaged. Then they had to choose one of their groups of writing and share with the class why they grouped them together.


What I’m Going to Do Differently Next Year

Yes, go ahead and call the bloggy police. I’m posting twice in one day. 🙂

I’m linking up with the fantastic Kim at Finding Joy in 6th Grade for her 1st linky party-What I’m Going to Do Differently Next Year.

And since supper is on the stove, this is going to be FAST! 🙂

1. Well, for starters I will be teaching 6th grade ALL SUBJECTS next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YIKES!!! So lots of new stuff for me, and I couldn’t be more excited. Earth Science will be new, Math will be new, AND I am going to TRY the reading workshop model AND the Reading Olympians Word Study in place of Spelling AND Jeff Anderson’s Invitation to Notice for Grammar.

Whew! Maybe I should have put all that under different numbers!!!

2. I “hope” to be more organized with my planning-in other words get a lot of the rough sketching done this summer!!

3. I want to REALLY focus on writing. I start the National Writing Project on Monday, June 3rd and hope to learn A LOT!!

So-what are you going to do next year????????????

Conferring With a Writer Video Clip

This is what I’m hoping to do next year. Confer with my students about their writing (and reading). Here’s a short video clip:

Stenhouse Writing Conference Video Clip

What great things did you see?

I saw:

1. Conferring (which is the ultimate GREAT thing!)

2. Pointing out the good things in the writing

3. Teaching only 1 thing-not a multitude of things that cannot be remembered

4. Showing how to revise-without erasing the good writing that is already there

I REALLY think that kids will remember this kind of teaching over whole class teaching. 🙂

Can’t wait to learn more about writing at the National Writing Project summer institute!!! My orientation is this Monday afternoon. Of course, we are supposed to have a meeting after school to figure out what we will be teaching next year, but my friend is going to text me the updates for that. 🙂 Right now it’s looking like 6th, 5th, or 1st. YIKES!

I’m really hoping for 6th. Praying actually. Bribery is possible. Begging. Pleading. Threatening. No-just joking! 🙂