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CAFE and Daily 5

I will be adding things periodically to this page that are part of my structure for CAFE and the FAB FIVE (Daily 5). Hopefully it will be an easy reference for you instead of searching through posts. 🙂

FABFIVECheckin word

FABFIVECheckin pdf

FABFIVECheckinCover pdf

CAFEHeadingComprehension word

CAFEHeadingComprehension pdf

CAFEHeadingAwareness word

CAFEHeadingAwareness1 pdf

CAFEHeadingFluency word

CAFEHeadingFluency pdf

CAFEHeadingExpandingVocabulary word

CAFEHeadingExpandingVocabulary pdf

CAFEkeepingtrack word

CAFEkeepingtrack pdf

MyCAFEReadingMenu word

MyCAFEReadingMenu pdf

I’m still not sure about my action plan for small groups this year, but here is the small group strategy planning sheet from The Sisters website:


Here is a link to a website where you can configure any kind of calendar! It then opens in Microsoft Word. How neat is that!


This link will take you to calendars you can print out from August 2011-August 2012 that Lori has shared on the dailycafe website. This is free to the public, but you should really join-it’s worth it!


This is a link to Mrs. Snethen’s site. Scroll down and you will see “Cafe Cards”. WOW! They go with the CAFE menu and would be great to give out as you teach mini-lessons for the kids to put in their reading notebooks!


These posters are ones I made to put on my classroom door. The title on the door this year says, “Welcome to our Literacy Cafe”. I’ll post a picture on here in the next few days.

NOW SERVINGenglish word

NOW SERVINGenglish pdf

NOW SERVINGreading word

NOW SERVINGreading pdf

NOW SERVINGspelling word

NOW SERVINGspelling pdf

NOW SERVINGwriting word

NOW SERVINGwriting pdf

2 thoughts on “CAFE and Daily 5

    • Thanks, Sandi! Glad you saw something you liked. I’m hoping to teach reading next year with 6th graders and can’t wait to use the CAFE method!

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