Interactive Reading Guides

Does anyone else use interactive reading guides? I’ve only created a couple of them this year for 6th grade history. I call it “interactive” because they interact with the text (hopefully :)) as they are filling out the guide. This one was about the cattle drives that we learned about in the westward movement-well, the 2nd westward movement. 🙂

I like having the kids read with partners, read with a purpose, and sketch things to help them picture it in their minds. You know-all the things that I would want if I was the student. I think that a lot of our planning should involve us thinking about what we would prefer-either as a child OR as an adult.

How many of us DREAD going to in-service when we know we are going to have to endure a powerpoint that is read to us or someone that only lectures to us the entire time? Ok, I’ll answer that for you-ALL OF US!!!! However, when we see a purpose to what we are doing, have to talk to someone about what we are learning, work with others, and produce something then we usually enjoy it more. Except for those educators that don’t enjoy ANYTHING and that can be saved for a post on a later day. 🙂