How to #TLAP with some light years

Surely you’ve heard about Dave Burgess and his book-TEACH LIKE A PIRATE-that’s literally sweeping the nation right now??!!! I read the book this summer and was SO inspired. To put some passion back into my teaching and classroom. It’s like we are so concerned with “the test score” that we forget to make learning fun!

I’ve made it a goal of mine to bring some of that long lost kindergarten fun into my 6th grade classroom. Now, is every lesson going to be a pirate lesson? Obviously not. But I hope to deal out little doses every now and then. 🙂

Did I tell you about turning a cartwheel in my classroom the 1st week of school? Yep. Did it.

And today as a way to bring some FUN into learning about light years/astronomical units we made scientist goggles/glasses. With pipe cleaners. While listening to some “space” music! And then we “pretended” to drive a car to the sun. At 60 MPH. Most of us were about 190 years old by the time we reached the sun. But light only took about 8 minutes to reach the sun.

Will my 6th graders remember EVERYTHING about light years? No. Will they remember the fun we had? Yes.

So worth it. 🙂



Here’s Blaine with his SCIENTIST GOGGLES on-ready for lift off!!!

How are you bringing the passion back into your classroom????