Jingles for Tots 10k Recap

Did it. Done it. I have run it. 🙂

My very 1st official 10k race. What a great feeling. A chance to do something charitable by giving to children who are in need of a special Christmas AND to test my limits of running.

I knew that this was going to be hard for me because:

1. I had not run that much at all in November.

2. I haven’t run that far since April.

So I decided that I would run this one for David. My brother-in-law who lost his fight with pancreatic cancer back in April. I ran for David who can’t run anymore. We miss you and love you so much, David!



Here was what kept me going throughout the race.





182331_508704225830750_1908828341_n A lovely picture of me um…possibly struggling? 🙂

Jingles on my shoes.



This was a great race. We ran the 5k route with the 5k runners, then just got to do the whole route again. They had signs up along the course with cute sayings-not that I can remember any to give you an example or anything. I think they might have said, “You’re really not dying, you just think you are ” or “We have paramedics on stand-by just for YOU!” 🙂

I think the 4th time I passed one guy at a water station and didn’t take water from him he was thinking I was crazy, but I told him I could usually multitask, but not while I was running. 🙂

I finished in 1:11:33. I was NOT the last one either. In case you were wondering.

Then it was Subway time! With a good book. At 4pm I had to walk in a local Christmas parade with my XC team-I think that was about 2 miles. Then supper. Then bed at 9pm.

It was a GREAT run and a GREAT day!

The best part of the whole race was when I looked up at around my 2.6 mile spot and saw my husband in his car in a parking lot. 🙂 He works night shift so he was on his way home from work and stayed out later just to see if he could see me even though he should have already been at home in the bed. THAT.MADE.MY.DAY. 🙂

On Sunday I treated myself to this:

469663_2571177854358_1417192558_oI might have had 2 of them. 🙂

What’s your best time for a 10k?


World Run Day

I got my World Run Day shirt in!!! Woohoo!!!

Can’t wait to wear it and run this virtual run on November 11, 2012! Here’s the link if you want to sign up!


I think I might be getting addicted to virtual runs!

On a side note, one of our dogs had her puppies a few days ago-3 of them! This is her 1st litter. Here they are looking like cute little white rats!

I’ll post progress pictures because I KNOW you are in love! 🙂

Have you ever run a virtual race?

Do you have animals?

2012 Run the Hood 10k


Today was my 1st 10k race. A virtual one. I ran it with 2 of my dogs on the dirt road where I live (until 2 guys on 4 wheelers came by me that I didn’t know). Then I finished the 6.2 miles by running back and forth in front of my house and my neighbor’s house. Back and forth, back and forth…… 🙂

My time-1:14:42

That would be 1 whole hour, 14 long minutes, and 42 snail seconds!! 🙂

It was between 85-90 degrees in my part of Alabama-not sure exactly but I’m thinking when we get to that kind of temperature it doesn’t really matter about 4 or 5 degrees. 🙂 And that was at 6pm!

Here are my splits. Oh my, does that mean I am a “real” runner when I can give you stats like this???!!!







I took 2 walk breaks-on the 3rd mile and the 5th mile.

I’ve been reading that a runner should strive for negative splits. That means that you get faster as you keep running. Well, I’m a positive kind of person 🙂 so I guess I strive for positive splits-meaning I get slower as I keep running. 🙂

Let’s just get this out of the way-I am NOT a fast runner. I am a slow runner. But I am a runner. And back in December I was not. So there. 🙂

I had a slight injury before I started running. GASP! My 1st running injury. Actually, it wasn’t a “running” injury. Here-I’ll just show you a picture and see what you can infer.

That is a long long long stick. And Gunner has no depth perception. He doesn’t realize that he needs to run by me and be about 12 feet away when he runs!! 🙂 Yes, I gave him the stick. Dummy!

Here’s the shirt that I got for running the 10k. Notice the sweat stain?

I think the shirt is a little too big. Wait-does that make sense? Little too big. ? Notice my very cool underarmour running shoes. I LOVE THEM!

This is me after running-with no makeup on-sweating like a horse-but happy to be finished! In the background you will see our lovely dog pens and the black work truck (1 of many vehicles that my husband collects!). Don’t worry-that is NOT a stalker in the background. 🙂 It’s one of those cowboy thingies-I gave it to Joe for his birthday.

I also pledged running miles in honor of all the lives lost in the global war on terror. You can read more about it here:


Enough about my running. This is a picture of 1 of our tractors-my tractor to be more specific. We have had it since 1998, and I adore it. So at about 9am this morning I hopped on and bushhogged the pasture in front of our house. For 4 hours. With no sunscreen. Ouch. 🙂


After. 🙂

And lookie what we have here! A peach. On my peach tree. 🙂 We planted about 8 fruit trees a couple of years ago (as an anniversary present to me ourselves). Then we proceeded to forget about them. We now have 6 trees left. And they are not a pretty sight. 🙂 But this little tree has 1 lone peach on it! I’m so excited!

What did you do on Memorial Day?

Have you ever run 6 miles?