Classroom Reorganization

I’ve been doing some reorganizing in my classroom making way for some changes for the new year. 

Big changes.

That I hope are successful. 😁

Got my student computers numbered and up and going for some independent computer time on Moby Max. I’ve got to figure out the rotation system for 25-27 kids in each class. 

Yes the team signs are crooked, but a sweet student put them up for me. 😊 Students sit in groups of 5-6. Their team starts out with 20 points on Mondays. They can gain and lose points. See the chart below the bulletin board. I have also made 2 charts for students to refer to when testing. 

BIG work in progress. Actually I need to get started. 😂 The drawers will be for math games, worksheets for the skills we learn throughout the year. Once the students identify what skills they haven’t mastered (we will do this when we go back in January) they will choose the appropriate game/activity sheet. They will have a folder where they record evidence of what they do each day during this time.

Turn in tray for notes, excuses. The 3 stackable black trays are the turn in trays for each class for tests/quizzes. If they don’t finish a test they put it in their unfinished class folder to finish later. Below those folders are the homework check clipboards for each class.

Behind my desk. May not look great, but it’s better than it was!!! 

Whew! I’ve still got a lot of thinking and preparation to do before January. 😁

3 Best Classroom Ideas

These are 3 of the best things in my 1st grade classroom this year!!!

1. Pencil management: Put your dull pencil in and take a sharp one


2. Classroom jobs: We have ONE friend of the week who does all the jobs for that week


3. Behavior chart: Focus on the positive- not just the negative


These are keepers!!!

What’s your keeper?

Reading chairs and Number cards

Worked in my classroom a little yesterday. Accomplished pretty much nothing. Lol. Oh, yes I did- I made a huge mess!!

Excuse the disastrous table, but aren’t those stools so cute? They cheer me up just looking at them!!

I bought 4 adorable magnetic erasers for my whiteboard.

And I put the number cards up that I bought from Jen at Hello Literacy. She has them on TPT!

Here’s her fabulous blog:

Hello Literacy




Has anyone else been working in their classrooms???

Partner Seating

I’ve rearranged the desks. Again. 🙂

Groups of 2. Well, my 4 girls are in groups of 2, but also together in the middle of the room in a group of 4. Safety in numbers. Lol!

Even though my room is rather small in my opinion, the groups of 2 still make it easy to walk around the room. Which I do a lot of.

So as of right now- I. Love. This. Arrangement.