My One Word

I chose my ONE word to focus on this year.


1. Serve God
2. Serve my family
3. Serve others

And God has already been working on me this 1st day of 2015. 🙂 Being that today was New Year’s Day I had an entire schedule made out of things I wanted to accomplish today. But God had other plans for me today and took me in a completely different direction. And that’s ok. Because this:

Proverbs 19:21-
Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the LORD’s purpose that prevails.

My prayer to Him when I chose my word, serve, was for Him to reveal opportunities for me to do just that, and to make me aware of how to serve, and to guide me along the way. And He answered. 🙂

Did you choose a word to focus on this year?


Running Behind

I was running behind all day today in everything I did. Which caused a little stress. But I made it. 🙂

But that’s not the running behind I want to focus on right now. This running behind translates into BEHIND ON MY RUNNING. And I feel it. Eeek!

Look at these miles for December.


And those are mostly WALKING miles. Sigh.

So what do you think one of my goals is for 2015?

You got it. Running. Walking. Moving.

But for now I leave you with this. I’m not ashamed. 🙂


Christmas Break Reading

Oh, the joy of Christmas break. Even with the busyness right before Christmas with last minute (actually, first and last minute!!) shopping and preparations, I’ve still had time to read.

And it fills my heart with JOY. 🙂

Here’s what I’ve read this week:


I love Lysa’s style of writing- she’s SO real about her walk with God.

I finally dove back into the young adult world and was NOT disappointed! Sharon Draper is always a good choice.

Adult fiction is what lets me escape the pressures of life. And this one did just that. Even though it was eye opening about where our world could be headed. Now I want to see the movie!

So what have you been reading lately????

Bible Reading and Best Present


Do you own a bible?

How often do you read it?

Have you ever ready the entire bible?

I just started reading the bible back in March when I rededicated my life to Christ. I think I’ve read 11 books of the bjble so far.

I want to read the entire Bible in 2015, and have seen some reading plans.

I think I’m going to just start at the beginning and read all the way to the end.

A little over 3 chapters per day or about 22 each week.

Pretty doable. I think. 🙂

Yep- the year of 2015 will be a year of all sorts of challenges or goals for me. I’ll post more about that later.

Look at the BEST present I’ve ever received from my hubby.




Merry Christmas from him to me. 2014-2035. 🙂

I drove a corolla for 11 years and a Camry for 11 years. It. Was. Time. 🙂

So grateful and thankful!