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Math, math, math

I have officially decided to start using the math textbook on Monday and ditch the teacher made curriculum I had been using since school started. Here are the reasons why:

Common core, analyzing, common core, reasoning, common core, applying, solving, common core, etc….

Need I say more?

However, I’m feeling overwhelmed, agitated, and frustrated. Look at what 1 page of our 800 page textbook looks like. Eeeeek!


Does anyone else out there use Glencoe McGraw Hill Math Connects??

Please help a girl out if you do! Would love to collaborate!! šŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “Math, math, math

  1. We use MathThematics and I am finally getting the hang of it. I pre-test the students and then make groups based on the results. From there, we work in stations so that I am better able to meet the needs off students.

    • I WANT to teach in groups but other teachers tell me the only way the students will get it is if I teach the whole class the whole time??

      I do have them help each other in groups while I walk around- guess that’s when I could pull the ones that are having a tough time?

      And where do you teach? What is CPS?

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